AWS Networking DHCP and VPC

A Survival Guide for New Consultants

This is a great book for software engineers.  You don't have to be a consultant to benefit greatly from this book.  All you need to be is a software engineer.  By taking all the practices that the author mentions you will gain so much and you will increase vastly your chances of becoming a very successful software engineer.  The bits of advice is pure gold.

The bits of pieces of advice I found to be so helpful:

  1. Get in the mood for being a consultant even if you are not one!
  2. Be a problem solver!
  3. How to be a successful meeting manager.
  4. How to organize yourself.
  5. How to estimate software programming time.
  6. How to handle complexity.
  7. How to handle office politics.
  8. How to communicate your work.
  9. How to be professional.
  10. What it takes to get you to make so much money.
I highly recommend it if you are a software developers this might be the best soft skills book I have ever got myself into it's already helping me and I just finished it.