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Book Review Learn You A Haskell For A Great Good

Haskell is an amazing language to learn. One of the most common reasons to learn haskell is not to use it in practice but to learn functional programming concepts. Haskell makes the best method for learning functional programming. For example if you are coming to scala, learning functional programming can be really difficult. In haskell you get as a first class citizens many of the added FP library concepts to scala, for example a Monad is a first class citizen in haskell. No need for scalaz or whatever. Now you need a good book and I have a great book for you! The book is Learn You A Haskell For A Great Good.

I don't read it because of the haskell!
I read this book because I enjoy reading the author writing style! I read it because it's enjoyable to read! I read it to become a better scala developer!
What the book covers
So what does the book cover, or what did I learn from it? many things I found hard to grasp by other books! here is the list:
  1. Types and type classes
  2. Recursion
  3. Higher order functions
  4. Modules
  5. Functors
  6. Map,FlatMap etc
  7. Monoids, Monads
  8. IO
  9. Functional Programming Concepts
  10. How to understand haskell code
  11. Great example's it explains just anything it shows you
Do you see the book is just amazing, and he does an excellent job describing these topics not as other books!
Learn You A Haskell For A Great Good. is my favorite book to learn functional programming and scala! ;)


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