The Binary Search Tree for Programming Interviews

CS Interview - Best Online Resources


Below are the resources I find most useful to study for coding interviews.  Those include:
  1. Practicing problems
  2. Algorithms
  3. Java (my main language)
  4. Multithreading
  5. Scalability 
  6. Low-level computing.

Practice Problems

Reddit has a great page with a free good collection of interview problems to solve:

Great Collection Of Free interview problems to solve
Here's a pretty big list of programming interview questions I compiled while studying for big 4 interviews. I think you guys will find it useful! • r/cscareerquestions

Jenkov Java Tutorials

Java Success

There are many questions about java multithreading the web site java-success is very good at describing compactingly many items.

Cracking the code interview book (it's a good read but i would then practice on leetcode)

Study Algorithms

The best resource I found is not a book, nor a video, nor blog, it's an android app - Algorithms: Explained&Animated from the play store.

Study Java

Study Scalability